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Meet Michelle Huntington

"Adrenaline-Fueled Inspiration - Defying Limits, Embracing Adventure!"

Michelle Huntington's journey is nothing short of a blockbuster adventure. "Every time I've hit turbulence, whether literal or metaphorical, it's been an opportunity to soar even higher," she declares. From solo flights across the vast Pacific, braving the chaos of lightning strikes, to dealing with unexpected landing gear collapses, her stories are not just about survival—they are about conquering.

"Each flight is not merely a journey from A to B; it's a testament to human spirit and endurance"

Michelle takes her audience through heart-stopping adventures that are sure to inspire action. Despite the danger and unpredictability, Michelle infuses humour and humanity into her tales. "There's a bizarre joy in negotiating with customs officials on remote islands," she laughs, recalling the absurdity with a twinkle in her eye.


This is not your typical keynote. It's an adventure—an immersive experience that will keep your team riveted, hanging on every word, eager to transform their own challenges into opportunities. 


"If you're ready to redefine what you think is possible and embrace anti-fragility," Michelle says, offering a challenge, "join me. Adventure awaits, and I promise it will be unforgettable!"

Michelle’s presentations are guaranteed to move your audience to action, and to leave them with powerful and memorable takeaways to help assure that change takes hold both in the workplace and outside of it.
Michelle's ability to tailor each presentation and connect with her audience enables her to deliver powerful messages that inspire lasting action.

Book Michelle for your next conference or event and you’ll experience impact and value that lasts long after she's left the stage.

Presentation Topics Include


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"You could have heard a pin drop as Michelle blew the audience away with her storytelling. She was the stand out of the event, everyone loved her."

Monica Rosenfeld

Founder – inCredible Communication & the Global Stories that Stir Movement


Let’s Connect

We can't wait to learn more about your vision for your upcoming event. Michelle can personally meet with you to make sure she understands EXACTLY what you need to knock your event out of the park. 

Michelle's mission is to make YOU look good.

Michelle lives in Sydney, however loves to travel ;)

Call, email, or use this form to contact Michelle

Phone Number: +61 407 661 179    

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